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Shanghai JIAHAO machinery is specialized in providing Trunkey solutions for various plastic sheet or board manufacturing project .

Established in 2007 and was working professionally in Plastic Extrusion industries .

Started from PVC based products Extrusion lines , JIAHAO Machinery has provided number of lines and services to Various customers domestic as well as oversea countries .

Till 2021 ,we have achieved excellent progress by expanding our service from PVC based material to more kinds of Plastic .

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    Founded in 1995
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    24 years experience
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    More than 18 products
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    More than 2 billion




Service First

  • Setting of the hot mix temperature

    The temperature of hot mixing and discharging determines the process of uniform plasticization of extruded materials. If the hot mixing temperature is too low, the material will be unloaded for cold mixing before reaching the predetermined temperature requirement, and the material will be unevenl...

  • The role of extruder barrel screw clearance

    To sum up, there are the following four working gaps between the screw and the barrel of the conical twin-screw extruder: 1. The radial clearance between the end face of the screw flight and the inner diameter of the barrel 2. The radial clearance between the end face of the screw rib and the bot...